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I'm Gabi Laszinger, 

A Licensed Trainer of 

Neuro-Shine Technology™

I am an intuitive change-maker who has been working with high-performance leaders for almost three decades. Intuition is one of your most powerful tools, yet so many people have forgotten how to tap into it. We love giving leaders who change the world the tools they need to do so!

I have been advising and coaching leaders for almost three decades. Many of my clients are successful CEOs, leaders and people in the spotlight who have a desire to optimize their lives and increase their positive impact in the world.

I am known for my highly intuitive approach which leads to a depth of work that is sustainable and creates long-lasting change.

One of the biggest differentiators in my work is my focus on combining left and right brain strategies. My work supports you in designing your personal and business life exactly how you desire it.

I believe in using my skills to make a bigger impact and my business acumen has led her to build a successful non-profit in Nepal. The organization currently runs two orphanages in Nepal and is feeding thousands of children!

As a vision coach I make the incomprehensible comprehensible through my 7th sense coaching. I look at the blind spots/your blindside, so that you have a bigger advantage in your decision making process. Just like the quarterback in football, you can take the right step at the right time, which makes you not only a one-hit wonder in business or private life, but also someone who moves forward with vision and strength. This allows you to make effective decisions that make you the pilot of your business and private life.

Shine Your Life With Me


Neuro-Shine Training™ 

Neuro-Shine Technology™ Training is the highest level of accreditation in coaching from ICF (International Coach Federation) with more than 65 hours of CCE units.

Neuro-Shine Coaching™

Neuro-Shine Coaching™ is designed to maximize your potential through co-creating breakthrough Neuro-Shine Moments™ (A-HA moments) during our coaching sessions.

Neuro-Shine Workshop

As an NLP Master Practitioner, an experienced Coach and a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Shine Technology™, I've also been offering corporate workshops for leaders and game-changers.

Neuro-Shine Speaking™

I share lessons from my path to fulfillment that inspires and motivates! You will walk away energized to lead with courage and  a newly awakened sense of thinking outside the box! 

Spiritual Counseling

With Me

I have observed the tools and rituals of those who made it to the top tools that lead people back to themselves. Modern spirituality is no longer a far off word today; especially if you want to speak from your truth and maximize your potential.

Podcast With

Tony Robbins

Two decades ago, I got lost in Katmandu. Since then, I have devoted my life to rescuing children in Nepal that would be left behind. In this podcast, you will hear how my internal drive has helped to save countless vulnerable lives.



Changing Lives

All Over The World

When you invest in your future through my work, you are also creating meaningful change in the world. How is this possible? Because with every service you book, you also support children in need and literally give a future to them.

Feeding Thousands

Of Children

I believe in using my skills to make a bigger impact and my business acumen has led me to build a successful non-profit organization in Nepal. This organization currently runs two orphanages in Nepal and is feeding thousands of children.


Be A Part Of The Ripple Effect

To Create A Better World!


What My Clients Say About Me


Double World Champion


During my time as a top athlete I have always tried to develop my personal level in addition to the constant training and the improvement of my technique. Mrs. Gabi Laszinger supported me together with my coach Helmut Zangerl in finding and following my path. I am very thankful for the great help I received and which helped me to feel comfortable in a very tight and pressurising environment and even to grow beyond myself. 

My Teachers & Inspirations